Passover Seder Catering

When planning your next Passover Seder, consider working with a Jewish-style caterer to save time with all the preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Many Jewish catering services own a private Seder room that can be rented and used to host Passover Seder for their customers. The Seder room is often times a small party room that can be used for a variety of Jewish gatherings, but can be uniquely set up for Passover Seder. Customers can always request special types of decoration and utensils, as well as a customized Seder menu.

Hiring a Jewish caterer to organize and coordinate the entire Seder is especially convenient if you are planning a huge feast with a large number of guests. For example, a Jewish caterer may offer complete Seder packages that include a 6-course Passover Seder menu, various beverages (including alcohol), china, and linens at a certain cost per guest with a minimum of 25 guests. With a Passover Seder service package , expect to be charged more per guest when compared to a typical casual party or gathering.

Working with a Jewish-style catering business is a great way to host your next Passover Seder. You will be working with seasoned professionals that will provide plenty of support to make sure the entire event is run smoothly and efficiently.

Top Jewish Dishes

Next time you hire a Jewish-style caterer, make sure to request these famous Jewish dishes in your menu:

Matzoh Ball Soup

Matzoh balls are made of matzoh meal, egg, flour, and water. Matzoh balls are usually served in chicken broth, and often times additional vegetables are added. Matzoh ball soup is generally served all year round and is a delicious replacement for plain chicken soup.


Challah is a tasty bread known for its distinct braided pattern. Challah is made out of eggs, oil and a dash of sugar. This bread is generally served at every Shabbat, as well as most holiday dinners.


Latkes are fried potato pancakes and are traditionally eaten on Hanukkah, but are a staple food that can be eaten any time of the year. Latkes can be enjoyed with sour cream and other types of sauces, and can be served as part of the main course or as side dish.


Shakshuka is a delectable staple cuisine traditionally served in a cast iron pan. This dish can be made many different ways but normally consists of poached or baked eggs in a sauce that includes tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, cumin, and other spices.


Most of us are familiar with the crispy falafel, which is made out of chickpeas and can be served with hummus, tahini, salad, or bread.

Kosher Catering

Do all Jewish style catering companies offer kosher menus? Some do, but due to the high expense and additional time needed to constantly prepare kosher meals and events, some Jewish caterers do not offer 100% kosher menus to their customers. However, every effort is made to keep Jewish catering menus traditional to a client’s satisfaction.

In addition, some Jewish caterers will offer to customize fully kosher menus for special events or holidays at an additional cost. Kosher meats can also be used for an event for an additional charge. Jewish caterers will generally use meats from Jewish style cuts. These caterers will also have a much higher standard of hygiene for Kosher food preparation that exceeds non-Jewish catering kitchens.

For more information on the definition and history of a variety of Kosher foods and related food preparation, click here.

Catering for the Jewish Community

Catering services for the Jewish community requires a specialized skill set. Many Jewish catering services are actually owned and run by Jewish families who understand the intricacies of putting together a successful Jewish event. Sometimes you’ll come across Jewish-run catering businesses that have been in the family for generations.

Jewish custom catering services are usually designed to exceed client expectations, especially with the way guests are treated, the way the food tastes, as well as intricate culinary presentations. Some catering services are equal or better than a five-star hotel and come with experienced staff who will pamper and delight guests with special, satisfying culinary treats.

At times it is also important for Jewish catering businesses to educate their customers when selling their catering services. Jewish specialty catering is a fine art, and often times both the caterers and their clients end up building rewarding and long-lasting relationships filled with memorable events.