Passover Seder Catering

When planning your next Passover Seder, consider working with a Jewish-style caterer to save time with all the preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Many Jewish catering services own a private Seder room that can be rented and used to host Passover Seder for their customers. The Seder room is often times a small party room that can be used for a variety of Jewish gatherings, but can be uniquely set up for Passover Seder. Customers can always request special types of decoration and utensils, as well as a customized Seder menu.

Hiring a Jewish caterer to organize and coordinate the entire Seder is especially convenient if you are planning a huge feast with a large number of guests. For example, a Jewish caterer may offer complete Seder packages that include a 6-course Passover Seder menu, various beverages (including alcohol), china, and linens at a certain cost per guest with a minimum of 25 guests. With a Passover Seder service package , expect to be charged more per guest when compared to a typical casual party or gathering.

Working with a Jewish-style catering business is a great way to host your next Passover Seder. You will be working with seasoned professionals that will provide plenty of support to make sure the entire event is run smoothly and efficiently.